Mold Testing
Our specialty is mold testing.  Other companies may do testing and clean up.  We highly recommend against this because it is a conflict of interest. 

Clearance testing is performed after your re-mediation company has finished their work. It is used to enforce any Guaranty you are given. It is our position and highly recommended clearance testing is performed by an independent company. Here at Mold Analysis Specialists, we view a company who does your re-mediation should not perform your clearance testing as this presents a conflict of interest.

This test is performed by swabing the visible mold and sending it off to the lab

This test is applied to the visible mold with an adheasive tape and lifted from the surface.  It is then sent to the lab for analysis.

With this test, we use a cannister that is connected to a vacum pump.  We then vacum approximately a 4"x4" area.  It is then sent to the lab for further analysis

This test is where we actually remove part of the affected area.  IE, dry wall, HVAC filters, wood...  It is then sent to the lab for further analysis

This is our most comprehensive test where we can give you a complete analysis of the air quality in a selected part of your home or building.  In some cases, more than one area may be affected and multiple air quality tests should be performed.  An outside air quailty test is required when performing this procedure.  The outside air quality sample acts as a "CONTROL" sample which we use and compare to your indoor air quality.