About Us
Mold Analysis Specialists is an indoor environmental services company specializing in mold, allergen, and indoor air quality related problems.  We offer an array of “Indoor Environmental Solutions” to residential, commercial, and government clientele.  We have been serving Northeastern Pennsylvania for the past decade.  We are staffed with professionals in the industry which equips us to diagnose a wide variety of indoor environmental problems.

Our Approach
The indoor air quality industry is largely self regulated.  State and government regulations are practically non-existent.  We take pride in our professional and scientific approach. 

Training & Education
DJV believes in a strong foundation, and that foundation starts with our staff.  In the absence of legislation that mandates pertinent education and training, we have set the bar high..  Combined with our experience over the past decade, provides the most competent professionals in the industry.

Conflicts of Interest
We believe the testing and remediation (clean up) company should not be performed by the same company because this is a conflict of interest.  We focus on testing and analysis only.